Deror Sultan, Co-founder and CEO of 01Talent

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Deror Sultan, Co-founder and CEO of 01Talent Africa in an exclusive interview with AFRIMAG says Recoding Africa with African Talent and the development of digital skills that can trigger the continent’s transformation will constitute their main message to the youth during the 9th Africities in Kisumu.

“01Talent partners with UCLG Africa to accelerate the digital transformation of African cities”

AFRIMAG : 01Talent’s stated ambition is to offer job opportunities to 1 million world-class developers. Isn’t it a chance for African intermediate cities to benefit from it ?

Deror Sultan : It is definitely a “not to be missed” opportunity for African Intermediate cities. We believe and advocate that the socio-economic development of the continent will be local, or it won’t be.

And we also believe that the digital transformation is a key enabler for that fundamental change, especially in intermediary cities that are more nimble than any other big African cities. In a post Covid 19 world, intermediary cities and local authorities have a leading role to play in digital transformation to foster sustainable and inclusive growth in productivity and welfare for the benefit of all Africans, on their way to reach the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) for 2030.

This is why 01Talent has partnered with UCLG Africa to speed up the digital transformation of African cities by seeding the local ecosystems with Digital Talent and a sustainable pipeline of locally grounded jobs, thus creating economic prosperity.


AFRIMAG : African cities in general, and intermediate cities in particular, are teeming with young people under the age of 25 who have enormous potential and who are ideal for your initiative. What could you bring them?

Deror Sultan, Cofondateur et CEO de 01Talent

Deror Sultan, Cofounder & CEO, 01Talent

Deror Sultan : 01Talent Africa creates life changing opportunities for young african talent to become digital pioneers and leaders of the African Digital Transformation.

Zone 01 Centers of Collective Intelligence are co-created in partnership with local authorities to offer African youth the opportunity to unleash their creative potential and lead the digital transformation of the continent.

By breaking down barriers of cost and access to world class digital education and highly qualified employment, we create equal opportunities for aspiring coders of all backgrounds.

Not only do we offer them an opportunity to become world class full stack software developers, but also a guaranteed job in our international talent agency.

That way, we can provide to African youth a far reaching promise of social and economic integration. We’ve summarized it in our motto: “Recode Africa with African Talent”.

AFRIMAG : Do you have any particular projects for young girls, this section of the population that suffers more than any other from endemic unemployment?

Deror Sultan : In Africa, like in too many other parts of the world, young girls are too often left behind when it comes to obtaining digital skills they need to be able to get great jobs in high tech sectors.

We believe that Africa’s education and training systems need to embrace disruptive education models that will empower all talents, and specifically women and girls, to become the change agent for the sustainable development of the continent.

This is the reason why 01Talent Africa is convinced that the digital transformation rush calls for a massive development of digital skills, requiring talent from larger pools of population including more young girls and women. For instance, one of our projects aims at empowering women entrepreneurs in Côte d’Ivoire to grow their business by leveraging data and digital skills. This is a holistic technical assistance program to enhance the capacity of women in Côte d’Ivoire to run and grow successful businesses by participating in the digital economy. The program supports women in their growth journeys, creates a robust pipeline of new digital entrepreneurs, and works with local ecosystem stakeholders to create a supportive environment for digital skills in Côte d’Ivoire.

The WDLN (Women’s Data Lab and Network) combines an innovative, yet proven pedagogical approach to skill training with a built-in sustainability mechanism to ensure that the program is impactful, scalable and sustainable.

In a nutshell, our Zone01 have an inclusive approach. Their pedagogical model widens the possibilities and makes digital skills development accessible to everyone, regardless of the candidate’s profile, level of study, social origin, age or gender Inclusion and Gender diversity are inherent to our pedagogic model and philosophy.

AFRIMAG : What will be the content of the message that 01Talent will address to the participants during the Africities-9 Digital Day?

Deror Sultan : Recode Africa with African Talent is our key message. That’s why 01Talent will have a massive presence at Africities in Kisumu this year in partnership with UCGL Africa.

Firstly, all participants will have the opportunity to meet us on our booth (#D08-C07) where we will showcase how the development of digital skills can trigger the continent transformation, and how our Collective Intelligence Centers – the Zone01 – can seed the African cities ecosystem with talent, and strengthen their attractiveness by massively creating local tech jobs.

Secondly, we are co-organizing in partnership with UCLG Africa, CIO Mag and Deloitte a “Recode Our World Conference”, which is scheduled on May 18th from 9 am to 1 pm in the Conference Room (“Salle des Conférences”). We will address the key topic of “Why is digital transformation above all a territorial issue?”.

The first part of the conference will put into perspective the importance of digital in the development of territories and cities, but also as a necessary but not sufficient factor for the success of any national development policy. We will highlight the role of skills and talent development as a key prerequisite for any sustainable and efficient digital transformation policy. The second part of the conference will focus on the presentation of the “African Smart Territory Index”, a barometer of the digital maturity of African territories developed in partnership with UCLG Africa and Deloitte. This barometer is intended to be a common repository, organized around the essential functions that a city or territory must address and will detail how digital can influence a city’s performance in each of these major functions. It also will be an opportunity for UCLG Africa to announce the launch of the Network of Secondary Smart Cities (NSSC).

Thirdly, in partnership with Jokkolabs and LakeHub, two african innovations hubs, we are organizing a 2-day Hackathon (May 17th-18th) to find innovative Tech solutions for the main challenges faced by intermediary cities. The format of the event is based on the value of 01Talent : teamwork, collaboration and creativity. An official reward event will happen on May 19th @ 4pm at our booth. The winners will get support to develop their prototype from 01Talent coders in the UK. Digitalization has made the world a village and we are proud to connect Africa to the world’s digital ecosystem of talent and make it one.

Finally, every day of the summit at 2 pm, in the workshop room (“Salle des ateliers”), we will Live Demo the 01Edu peer-to-peer learning platform and showcase the fundamentals of Zone01 and how we can help you build an inclusive campus for Code learning & digital employment. We will cover how you will be able to identify your future local talents, how their 2 years free learning experience will change their life and how our model can guarantee a paid employment as full stack developers at the end of the curriculum.

Together, we can develop a network of Zone01 in Africa and create the collective dynamics that will Recode Africa with African talents.

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