Sanzhie Bokally Thierry, Senior Knowledge Management Officer UCLG Africa

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Make all the relevant questions and proposals discussed, in thematic and/or political format, and formulated through the recommendations of experts and participants at the 9th Africities summit in Kisumu, the diagnosis of the state of African local authorities. Sanzhie Bokally Thierry, senior knowledge manager officer, details the appropriate remedies.

“Africities is the meeting of giving, receiving and decision”

AFRIMAG : The Africities summit brings together ministers, mayors and leaders of local authorities, representatives of civil society, the private sector… What about the conclusions and recommendations that will be made during this meeting considered to be the most important platform for dialogue in Africa on decentralization, local governance, integration ?

Sanzhie Bokally Thierry : The recommendations and declarations are the consensual roadmap of the municipal movement proposed by all the actors represented. They are the compass that allows stakeholders to be part of a participatory and active dynamic of co-construction of the continent from its territories and its citizens. The discussion on the recommendations unifies the community of African mayors (about 2 to 3,000 mayors and elected representatives of local authorities out of the 15,000 African local authorities); it sensitizes the ministers and reinforces the specialized technical committee n°8 of the African Union; it mobilizes development partners. The organization of B to B meetings at the show makes it possible to propose possible solutions to the concrete problems posed by African local authorities by bringing together experts and companies on questions posed by local authorities. The services of UCLG Africa, regional offices and national associations of local authorities take up, between two Africities, the questions and proposals discussed at Africities and formulated through the recommendations which constitute a common culture of the situation of African local authorities and the future of Africa.

AFRIMAG : What’s new in this 2022 edition ?

Sanzhie Bokally Thierry : They are numerous but I would focus on two: the thematic days which are the place par excellence, for linking and coherence of the initiatives, public policies, projects and programs of the actors represented; and high-level dialogues. I would particularly emphasize one, which is the intergenerational dialogue between the honorary members of UCLG Africa who are incumbent Heads of State, former Heads of State, senior officials, elected officials and personalities, diverse and elected young people in Africa who represent the present and the future – 60% of Africans are under 24 years old.

By 2050, 35% of young people in the world will be African – and they have a duty to build Africa in their era, while taking into account its anteriority.

AFRIMAG : What will be the expected focal points of this summit ?

Sanzhie Bokally Thierry : Africities is the meeting par excellence of giving, taking and decision. It is divided into two stages: thematic (first 3 days) and political (following 2 days). They are strong and important because they actively participate in building the Africa we want.

Participants have two choices: enroll in a course that revolves around thematic days (trade and investment forum, urban planning day, climate day, culture day, women’s day, youth day, digital day and the day of the diaspora and Afro-descendants) or in a course that revolves around the 5 essential functions for a local authority : feeding the local authority; building the territorial collectivity; ensure the provision of basic services within local authorities; ensure the operation, upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment within local authorities; administer and manage the local authority. Either will make you rich.

The first allows you to learn about all the dynamics on a given theme, implemented by the stakeholders and the second,that of the essential functions of a local authority, to answer questions of know-how through the methods, tools and strategies proposed and implemented by development actors. The presence of African Union Commissioners in the panels is a moment that will enhance the sessions. The holding of the first meeting of the Regional Economic Communities which are the pillars of the African Union Commission is a highlight. Taking into account the recommendations of this meeting with those of the mayors and territorial elected officials, ministers and development partners in the tripartite session is a highlight of the summit. Last but not least is the renewal of the political and technical bodies of UCLG Africa bodies through the elective general assemblies that will be held.

Sommaire<< Pr. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, Governor of Kisumu County, Kenya


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