Speech of the President of the Morocccan Association of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces

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The Kingdom of Morocco, with its African roots, its centuries-old history and its human, material and immaterial capital, is a constitutional monarchy, which under the aegis of His Majesty King Mohammed VI Commander of the Faithful, has reaffirmed his commitment to democratic path irreversible implemented and the desire to build a project for a democratic and modern society that puts citizens and social issues at the top of the priorities of government action.

Thus, the 2011 constitution marked a decisive turning point in democracy in Morocco and triggered a process of evolution through advanced regionalization, the consolidation of decentralization and deconcentration and the new development model that ensures the equality of opportunities, self development and the strengthening of  capacities in a united society centered on the citizen.

Imbued by these advances, our association has embarked on a process of consolidating south-south cooperation which has gained new momentum since the beginning of the reign of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, who in his speech before the 28th African Union summit in Addis Ababa on January 31, 2017, called Africa « a beloved home! » Africa is my continent, my home…”. This heartfelt belonging has strengthened our country’s position in sustainable development in Africa through direct and indirect investments and the sharing of experiences and expertise.

Abdelaziz Derouiche, Président de l’Association Marocaine des Présidents des Conseils des Préfectures et Provinces

Proud of our African identity, we will also work to diversify our exchanges with African regional entities in collaboration with UCLG Africa, the main interlocutor of African local authorities which promotes dialogue and exchanges on a continental and global scale through the organization of meetings, training and summits such as Africities considered as the largest municipalist gathering on the African continent.
Thanks to the involvement of all its members, we will work to ensure that the Association continues to be the interlocutor and coordinator of the advocacy initiatives of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces with the public authorities, in particular through the production of opinions , proposals and positions on issues of common interest.

Also, the AMPCPP aligns itself with the orientations of His Majesty’s speech at the Moroccan-Ivorian Economic Forum in Abidjan on February 24, 2014, hailed in all African countries, especially English-speaking ones, of which here are some excerpts: « Africa is a great continent, through its lifeblood, its resources and its potential. It must take care of itself…, This is why Africa must trust Africa…, it is human and social development projects, which our Continent needs the most… »
We Africans, our union is our strength and our future, which is in our hands, can only be better if we are united and confident because what unites us is greater than what divides us, and our common belonging to Africa makes our exception.

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