Abdelmajid Benmoussa, Director of the Africities Fair

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The zeal for continuous innovations for more attractiveness has always been a preoccupation for the mother organization of the African local governments, CGLUA (United Cities and Local Governments of Africa).

The recent innovation as an example is the hybridization of the Africities Fair, into an interactive platform giving access to the public to agree, among other things, business relations, or to bring the fair lifely before, during and after its holding.

The Director, AbdelmajidBenmoussathrows more light on the sidelines of thisimposing event scheduled for May 17 to 21 in Kisumu, Kenya, which would revitalize the organization after post-Covid-19 crisis.

“This year, it will be possible to visit the Africities Fair via an interactive online platform”


AFRIMAG : The Africities Fair is one of the main activities of the 9th edition of the meetings of the Africa session of cities and local governments scheduled for Kisumu in Kenya. What are some of thepeculiaritiesof this year’s event?

Abdelmajid Benmoussa : The event, which is at the center of the Africities Summit organized by CGLUA, is constantly seeking to innovate, in order to make it even more productive and attractive. After the introduction of Business Meetings in 2015, which continue to develop under the name of  »Bourse de Projets », allowing project promoters to meet operators and solution providers, likely to support them in the realization of their companies, the organizers of the Africities Fair will focus for this 9th edition, on the hybridization of the event via an interactive online platform, which permits the visiting of the fair remotely before, during and after the event, and which will be operational in the days to come, with the possibility of dialogue by appointment with the targeted exhibitor, and of downloading documents and videos available on its virtual stand.

AFRIMAG : In other words, you want to say that the future of an event like Africities also depends on its ability to adapt to best practices, in particular by digitizing your offer to improve?

Abdelmajid Benmoussa : I would say that in the world of events, we are required to constantly follow the evolution of good practices, to innovate and consolidate the achievements. Indeed, to deal with the pandemic situation, the solution which consists in combining the best practices of face-to-face with the best practices of digital or virtual has imposed itself on the organizers of trade fairs and other events on a global scale.

Thus, from the start of preparations for the Africities Fair, the task force did not hesitate to use digital tools, taking into consideration the context of the health crisis. This is in order to preserve the achievements of the show and reassure our partners, but also to increase the visibility of exhibitors and broaden the audience and the influence of the event.

The impact of this new experience will be the subject of an in-depth evaluation, in order to draw conclusions as to the best approach to adopt for future editions.

AFRIMAG : This Fair aims at providing concrete solutions to support the implementation of territorial projects across Africa. What about the exhibitors at this 9th edition ?

Abdelmajid Benmoussa : As of now, we already have nearly a hundred exhibitors from around twenty countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia, who will offer a very diversified range of solutions in different fields such as the development of towns and territories, infrastructure, energy, water and sanitation, transport and urban mobility, roads, community facilities, decentralized cooperation, training and the development of human resources, etc.

Our ambition is to attract more exhibitors and to open up broader prospects for cooperation and partnership, around the market of cities and local authorities in Africa, which show a strong desire to accelerate their development.

Markets that also offer multiple opportunities for partnership, exchange and investment,concretely, we give them an appointment from May 17 to 21, 2022 in Kisumu, Kenya, which will live to the rhythms of the Africities.

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